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Leaders are not born,

they are created!


RēL Leaders™ Coaching elevates high potential and key employees and managers by developing personal insight, success mindset shifts, and creating a vision of their personal best. It all begins with understanding and knowing how to utilize their greatest assets, their brain / energy / time.   


This work is personal.  It is an INSIDE job. It requires personal awareness of the strategies and tools to use when work and life’s challenges show up (And, if you want to play a bigger game by growing your business challenges will show up!!)


The people within a company determine how big a company can grow.  A company can not grow bigger than its people have a capacity to envision and to clearly take action toward that vision in a sustainable way.


Soft skills really?  

Then why can this work be so hard?   The skill it takes to be successful is 90% an inside job.  A great coach is expertly aware of the finesse and direct truth to really inspire growth and change.  A great coach makes it look easy. If you have worked with a great coach - you know it is anything but a cake walk.  We are few and far between and worth the investment.


Let’s get real with each other. People are waking-up to know that they desire more than just punching a clock to live a meaningful life. They desire work that lights them up, relationships they can trust and environments that let them show up authentically who they are and supports playing big.


Developing these people isn’t easy.  They will challenge the status quo and push edges.  WE NEED THEM IN OUR COMPANY . . . and yet how can we coach and mentor them?  What we know we want doesn’t come with a playbook of how to make it happen. That's where our work can support your leadership team to get on the same page, speak the same language and understand concepts of the highly successful that will shift the collective mindset to one that can sustain successful growth.


When we get out of our own way the path is very clear and the adventures much more rewarding.


The RēL Leaders™ Coaching Engagement will allow us to customize an agreement to support your business vision and support the evolution to a success mindset for your team. This could include a combination of one-on-one sessions, group work, as well as regular on-site visits to move the entire leadership team and business team forward. Let’s talk about your vision.   If your team is located across the country or around the world our coaching can reach you.  Virtual technology like Zoom or Google Hangouts allows us to connect with busy leaders wherever your work and life takes you.  


Ready to reach full potential?

"Every company is made up of people.

Great people create great companies."

If you are ready to develop your Leaders - Schedule a call with me today.  



"MARIANNE has help me to look at life/work in a different light. It is often hard to get a truly unbiased opinion on your attitude, outlook, and goals in life. She has help me to become more specific, adjust, and act accordingly in each of those three areas. For example, I had a personal issue that was causing me stress in all aspects of my life. By addressing the true root of that personal issue ( not the surface level issue ), I was able to have a conversation about why I truly felt the way I did about it. It allowed me to resolve the issue, move past it, and to have a better more positive attitude in my work and personal life. I would recommend Marianne if you want to connect YOUR meaning in life with what you do on a daily basis. She has help me to connect what I want in life, with what I do, and some action steps on how to get there! If you’re looking for unbiased, experienced coaching, then I would explore the option of speaking with Marianne."

Michael M.
CFP, Senior Vice President

"Marianne is a warm and wonderful person who has this instant capacity to open herself to her clients. She made me feel comfortable right away which is critical with this type of relationship. Our time together helped me shed a lifelong challenge I have had with self-doubt and a glass-half-full mentality. My life is much richer and fulfilled because of her coaching! I would encourage anyone that needs to seek their inner strength to be a better person to spend time with Marianne."

Kari R.
Sales Operations Leader

"I have become more honest about my business, clearer in the vision of who I am becoming in the world and more open to possibility"

Dani H.
Chief Executive Officer

"Marianne is an amazingly gifted coach. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with her many times. Her insights are clarifications for the soul. Anyone working with Marianne would be blessed and find their lives better for the process she brings to them"

Terah S.
Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author

"Who knew that someone in a VP position lacked so much confidence? Marianne radically changed the way I organize my day, how I take responsibility, and how I interact with others. Working with Marianne helped me in all facets of my life from my home environment, to my personal relationships, allowing me to experience a higher quality of life both professionally and personally. Highly recommend her as you’ll never feel more confident and more engaged. "

Alisha H.
Vice President National Accounts

"Marianne is one of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to know and work with in my 30 years in management. Her strategic ability is a natural talent, a skill that cannot be taught. It is her distinct way of thinking, a special perspective that allows her to see patterns where others only see complexity. She is one of if not the best creative problem solvers as I know, able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. She has the gift for helping people and organizations to discover what is that their core and how to unleash their potential for the common good. Her knack to evaluate accurately the potential obstacles is like a kilo of a ship, withstanding many different pressures and keeps individuals, teams and projects on course. No matter what the situation, she seems to know what the right situation is. Marianne is a natural problem solver. Whereas some are dismayed when they encounter yet another breakdown, she is energized by it. Being inquisitive her world is exciting and her enthusiasm contagious, precisely because of the infinite variety and complexity that each new project inspires. I have admired how absorbent her mind is finding the unique and positive attributes in each person, she can quickly snap-on to their strengths and weaknesses and position them for success and growth. MARIANNEs core is the talent and strength of “individualization“ –assisting people and helping them to discover what they have in common. She enjoys working and studying with people whose backgrounds, cultures, talents or experiences are quite different and can quickly identify how each individual can contribute to their own growth and development of a group. "

Walt P.
[prior VP Marketing & Business Development] Christian Entrepreneur - Consultant - Adjunct Professor

"Marianne coaches the soul to deliver business results. I haven’t met another coach that can speak to a person’s spirit and help that person deliver results like she does. I appreciate that when she coaches me she speaks both to the business needs and the internal personal need.. I recommend her highly for business leaders looking to not only build their bottom line but evolve their inner selves."

Kevin K.
Founder and CEO

"NOW - Business is growing, relationships are flourishing, my passion is on fire, and I am in a very good place. I have learned that I am much more creative than I ever thought I was. I used to say “well writing isn’t my thing or I don’t really speak well in front of others”…well that was my racket. Now I know that when these thoughts pop into my head, I can acknowledge them, but then immediately change the conversation. Release it and move on. I DO write well and I am kicking ass when speaking in front of groups! I have learned that my energy is on 1000 most of the time, and that’s ok!! I operate on a different vibrational level than most, but I am no longer afraid of that or what it may mean. I embrace it. I always felt like I “just knew” things, but had no idea why…Now I get it. HUGE for me!!! I am also learning how to cut others and myself some slack. I have super high expectations for myself which in turn makes me expect things from others on the same level. I am learning to allow things to happen as they should. "

Valerie S.
Managing Director, Partner & Co-Creator

"Marianne has an incredible ability to cut through all of the noise to find the core issues and helped me find the right perspective to address the issues."

Matt B.
CEO / Owner

The best investment you can make . . . 

It is true, the best investment you can make in your business is to create LEADERS.   

To learn how we can help you customize a plan to fit your needs - 

Schedule a CALL Now!

Your 3 greatest assets are wasted until you learn how to leverage their power. 


Your BRAIN, ENERGY and TIME are what you need to achieve what you desire. 


Learning HOW to use them is the RēL Coaching Method.


We are here to make a contribution and live our best life.




There are many reasons people find me and engage in RēL coaching. They all seem to relate to a desire to find a way to deal with the obstacles that are in the way of experiencing desired results in work and life. Those can show up in our relationships, our work, in being able to make important decisions, in a desire to feel better, trying to achieve an important goal or considering how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It is absolutely normal to have questions. Let me answer some of your questions about RēL LEADERS here:

Coaching is a tool that successful professionals, business owners, and companies use to achieve next level results.

In sports most people understand the role and necessity of a coach to create the vision and structure for:

  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Staying focused
  • Attaining results that are consistent with peak performance
  • Creating a winning relationship through support, feedback, and training

Our role in working with a leader involves helping them discover their own brilliance and drawing out their own knowledge and wisdom to find the solutions that work best in the situation. We do not have all the answers, but asks the questions and provides the insight that allow you, the leader to find you own path to success and fulfillment.

We share direct solutions through proven strategies, our unique techniques and tools to enable you, the leader to find your own answers by:

  • Asking questions that uncover hidden insights
  • Making specific and powerful request
  • Actively listening for what’s next, most needed, or missing
  • Expecting your best
  • Always being direct – giving straight and candid feedback
  • Being your partner in clarifying difficult issues and next steps
  • Assigning homework that forwards your goals and commitments

Leadership across a variety of industries.  We work with experienced professionals, leadership teams, C-suite roles and business owners who are successful, but find they may be experiencing feeling tired, stressed, doubtful, confused and/or  overwhelmed with all they must get done in their personal or professional life.


In addition, many others often report that they are hitting a plateau in their results. Hiring a coach enables you to gain perspective, balance, fulfillment, and happiness giving you the success you want and deserve.

Regardless of their profession or personal circumstances, all my clients are successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals that are serious and committed to getting more out of life.  If this doesn’t describe you then you may not be ready for my kind of coaching.


In considering engaging a coach, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel stuck when it comes to producing results?
  • Do I feel frustrated in moving my goals and intentions forward?
  • Do I need a refresh or a new strategy on how or what  I’m doing?
  • Has the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment evaporated from work and/or life?
  • Am I in transition, looking for my true calling and what inspires me?


If so, then coaching is the opportunity to face those challenges head on.

While coaching makes amazing and long lasting changing in the business and lives of many, not everyone is coachable.  It may be a temporary situation, that depends on the individual and their willingness to utilize their brain, energy and time to learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.  Which in turn will always create different results. 


We have the ability to assess an individuals current ability to be coachable in just one session.  If you are questioning if someone on your team could participate in our LEADERS coaching - Schedule a call and we can talk about it.  

You ARE NOT ready for RēL Coaching if you: 

  • Are not willing to commit and follow-through.  (Not having the skills is not the issue here.  Not being willing to change is)
  • You feel like change is not possible and not really worth exploring.
  • You always blame others for the situations you find yourself in.
  • You are content right where you are.  Life is fine.  You are "all good".
  • You know who you are and not interested in having to change.
  • You feel you are a victim to life's circumstances.
  • You are not willing to put in some work to improve your skills, your mindset or your results.
  • You are unwilling to invest in yourself -  or your teams development.  Everyone else's needs come before yours. Things in your business need attention before your people do.
  • You want a magic button that will fix everything without any effort.
  • You think personal development is for people who are too soft for business. 


 INSTEAD I encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, listen to my podcast and connect on social media.  Just learning through these avenues will help you make different choices until you are ready for the RēL deal.   

We look forward to you becoming coachable.  Life looks and feels much different over here.  


I'm Marianne MacKenzie, and it is such an honor to meet you here.  It is no coincidence that you are here.  For the past 3 decades I have helped people just like you identify and learn how to remove the obstacles that were causing them to struggle in having MORE.  First in the corporate arena and for the past 12 years as Master Coach. 


We all want MORE.  It looks a little different for everyone -  it is just our own timing and flavor of MORE.  The inability to figure out how to have these desires of MORE cause so much stress and unhappiness in business and life. 


It is through working with thousands of people that I have guided and coached both men and women through some of the toughest obstacles life and business can throw at us.  There is a proven path with tools that consistently bring long lasting results of change.  This is what I teach you - to give you the straightest line to the solution.  Your solution.  


You don't have to go this alone, in fact as you have probably learned by now,  it requires to be led and guided through your own blind-spots in order to get to where your MORE becomes your right now.


I don't have it all figured out.  I'm on this journey of life and playing full-out everyday to continue learning and growing.  What I have learned has not been easy and I would love to spare you the potholes, cliffs and walls I have discovered.  I'd like to offer you the chance to benefit from my experiences.  


To know how to navigate those obstacles that do and will continue to pop-up in your life.  All it takes is your willingness and RēL Coaching.


Growth isn't always comfortable, but it can be an amazing adventure - especially with a great teacher!   


Big Love! 





We are going to live our purpose, honor our dreams and make a contribution!

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