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If you have lived enough of life then you have definitely skinned your knees and gotten banged up by the challenges that are part of this human experience.  Navigating can be hard.  And if you have dreams and goals (and of course you do!) then you also know about the obstacles that are endlessly popping up . . . they create stress, doubt, confusion, overwhelm and often a feeling of being alone and not sure of how to change things.  


Highly successful people have a few key characteristics that make them stand out.  One of those key differences are that they know business and life is just a playing field of obstacles.  The real game is developing the ability to navigate and respond to the obstacles of business and life.  The highly successful aren't surprised by challenges, they don't freak out when they run into another obstacle . . . instead they actually anticipate and watch for them.  Why?  Because obstacles are a part of the journey and always will be. 


Essentially the highly successful are athletes in this game of life.  


Changing this one awareness and developing skills to see and confidently deal with obstacles have forever changed my perspective on business and life.  I work to develop these skills and perspective every day.  And it changes my clients and students lives too!  It doesn't mean the obstacles are not there.  It means that you know they are part of the experience and part of the game of life.  Facing the obstacles with skills, a strategy . . . courage and confidence changes everything!

Did you know there are skills you can learn to help overcome obstacles and face challenges?  Skills to enjoy your work and life more?  Skills that enable you to be more focused, and take massive action.  As well as, skill to navigate your relationships and just plain feel better?

That's right!  The ability to navigate the obstacles of life are actually skills that you can learn.  You are just a skill away from living a better life.  There is a proven process, a defined path to self awareness around when and how to coach yourself. 

The RēL Coaching Method takes a straight line to learning the skills to live your best life.  All it requires is the willingness to want more out of life and the courage to go get it.  





This life requires you to learn and grow in order to have and be what you most desire.  We call it "doing your work" and I won't kid you - it is work.  Because you are worth developing into your full potential.  Growing into who you are meant to be requires a commitment and a desire to live your best life.  The rewards will be felt each new day and results will be tangible.

There is no judgement here.  Your best life is defined by you . . . for you.  IT IS NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS.  

I just know you want more.  More freedom, more from your relationships, more work that lights you up, more well-being and health, more money to enjoy life's experiences and to just give more to this life.  And, when you are ready to "do your work" we are right here to support you.  


In order to experience what you really want in life, it will require you to eliminate.  Eliminating what is in the way of what you truly desire.  It is never about more.  It is always about getting clear on what you want and removing what is in the way.   

Our life is often spent focusing on what we don't want.  And it grows and grows.  Learning to discover and remove these distractions is a skill.  A self-coaching skill.  

When you understand what is a distraction and keeping you from what you truly desire, then your life changes.  You are easily able to move toward a life of greater meaning and purpose.  Relationships flourish and your well-being begins to thrive.  

You deserve to live this kind of life.  I want you to have the life you most desire.  


At RēL there are two main ways to work with us, learning self-coaching through our private Monthly Coaching Membership and being coached privately through one of our VIP Engagements.   In addition we are on a mission to create LEADERS, so of course we extend our customized coaching to your business and team.   


VIP Coaching

If you want to be coached privately by Marianne, click here to determine your coaching choice.  This is our VIP coaching program where we create custom sessions based on your current needs.  


LEADERS Coaching

RēL has learned through the years of working with entrepreneurs and executives that once you start "doing your work" the value becomes apparent to also have your business leaders understand the same successful mindset and self coaching.  We are in the business of creating LEADERS of self, teams and businesses.  We want to change the way we relate in life and in business.  If you own a business or run a team then look into our coaching for leaders by clicking here

RēL Monthly Coaching


Designing a life of meaning and purpose requires knowing how to live intentionally.  On purpose, in alignment with values.  Self-awareness is the key to creating this kind of life.  If you want to learn how to coach yourself and improve your own life and business then coaching will support you to see and utilize your innate gifts and connect to what really matters to you.   And don't be surprised if you finally create the life you have dreamed about.  


VIP Private Coaching


VIP’s are my kind of people!

They go straight to the source and want to make it happen.  We like to lead the way -- mainly because nobody can keep up with us. However, when we are stuck we know it.  It is painfully obvious and we want to fix it fast.  You may know the obstacle(s) in your way and just not be sure how best to navigate. 

I've got you!

COACHING (Private)

LEADERS Coaching


Leadership is our human responsibility.  

Soft skills REALLY?  

Then why can this work be so hard?  The skill it takes to be successful is 90% an inside job.  A great coach is expertly aware of the finesse and direct truth to really inspire growth and change.  

  Your organization's future depends on great leadership.
















Somewhere along the way we were convinced that life is supposed to be easier than this.

That we seem to be having a harder time than others . . . and feel shameful that we can't seem to get it all correct. I mean, we are smart, ambitious, resourceful, and willing to take the steps required to succeed. Yet happiness and the easy life just seem to elude us. Burnout, divorce, illness, challenging kids, financial struggles, job loss, losing a loved one . . .  and body issues fill our mind with reminders of how we are just not doing it as good as she/he is. As good as we want it to be. Yet, we remain hopeful that someday it will all work out. You don't have a plan of how to make it better and get back to feeling better and maybe even having more. 

I've been here too!  And what I found out is that we have been believing the lie.  It has made life harder than it needs to be and it hurts!  Then I discovered the TRUTH.  Sharing it with you is my mission and my passion.  



Life is one obstacle after another. 

It's meant to challenge and grow us.  Each time we encounter an obstacle in life it requires us to stretch and grow, to fall down and figure out how to get back up.  We are developing muscles and becoming athletes of business and life.   This helps develop us into who we have the potential to become.  A better, stronger, wiser version of yourself.  

Think about it.  How would your life be different if instead of being challenged and thrown off your center by the obstacles, you knew how to navigate them and felt empowered knowing you had the tools to move through life with confidence?



Regardless of what life has thrown at you, now you have the opportunity to dust yourself off.  To decide how your past will strengthen you and use the skills you learn through RēL Coaching to create a different experience.  One with confidence that you have what you need to navigate life's obstacles.  Because my sweet friend, the obstacles will not stop showing up - it is just a part of being human.

Your family, friends and sweetheart need you to be in your power. Your real work requires you to be in your power.  Your brain and heart desire to align to that power. 

The world is waiting for you!   

We are all waiting for you!   



Hello my friend!

I'm Marianne MacKenzie.  I am the founder of the Radically Engaged Lifestyle ( RēL ) and Master Coach and Teacher.  An 11 LifePath, 2/4 Manifesting Generator, Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising.  If none of this makes sense to you, just know that I'm a practical coach and teacher who sees possibility in life.  

It is such a pleasure to have you here. 

It is my honor to teach you about the parts of you that may be overlooked by our social norms.  You are unique!

I learned about the power of our Energetic Blueprint out of the challenges and obstacles that I have experienced on my journey.  Obstacles that temporarily stopped me and brought me to my knees, limitations that infuriated me, and experiences that not only broke my heart but shattered my entire identity.  These were very dark and confusing times when I felt incredibly alone.  Something inside kept urging me forward into the unknown fog of those moments.  Let's just refer to that urging as my Calling.  You have one too.

Along this journey, I needed others who had been through the challenges I was facing.  I needed to have tools to help me know when my mind was playing tricks or others were advising me incorrectly.  I needed someone to help me align my heart and head.  To trust my body's wisdom and take me by the hand to guide me.  I desired to connect with others who were also courageous enough to explore the depths of themselves.  

I didn't have this guide in a person or a place.  Rather I found little bits here and there and wove these parts together to create what I now call RēL Coaching.  Now I know that I had to go through this.  To experience these challenges for myself -  so I could create this for you.  ❣️

My Gift To You

You know you desire a life and work with deeper meaning and greater purpose.  Ready to get started living your Radically Engaged Lifestyle? I have created a beautiful eBook with workbook, guided audio and worksheet to get you started. It's yours free.


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