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We teach you how to feel better . . .

Life isn't always easy, and certainly does not always feel good. When you are ready to feel better, to engage with your work and your life in a different way -- we are here to teach you how.

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"I arrived at the retreat [RēL WOMAN Retreat] feeling really unfocused and didn’t know where to start caring about where I was and what I needed to do next. I was angry about not being able to figure out what to do. The minute I saw Marianne I teared up and realized this is exactly where I need to be. During the last 24 hours I now am smiling genuinely and feel like I now know that I have something to do. I was lacking that focus when I got here and when I get home I am clear. I know what I need to do. Realizing everyone else is here to learn and grow, instantly made it comfortable. Being in retreat with Marianne - there is nothing more safe. There is something very different and open about being in a space where everybody is focused on helping themselves. "

Leigh N.
RēL WOMAN Retreat


* Danielle Hughes * Valerie Sanchez * Naketa Thigpen * Marianne MacKenzie * Heidi Moore *

Ambitious Woman 



 As ambitious women we have the power to define our success and the future we want to live into.

About this Event

What is success to you?

For many, it involves a variation of family, money, love, career, title, a personal mix of life’s challenges and rewards. For others, it’s a grander, more enlightened desire to develop the future of community, family, and peace that creates the world that we want to live in right now and establishes the inspirational legacy that we want to leave behind.

by Danielle Hughes & Valerie Sanchez of Divine Asset Management

"Marianne is a gifted coach with a special ability to connect with others beyond words, listen deeply and offer tremendous insights, questions and challenges to guide you in the direction of your own intuition. I participated in a group coaching program facilitated by marianne, and it was one of the most amazing personal experiences of my lifetime. Working with Marianne is like having a window into your soul, gaining a deeper sense of self-awareness and an open door of possibilities. I always learn more about myself and others when in the presence of Marianne and would highly recommend working with her in any capacity."

Tonja E.
RēL Coaching Workshop

Looking for your tribe? 


Do you wish you had other success mindset sisters to enjoy this adventure with?  If you are growth minded, optimistic and looking to figure out the way to live your best life - then we would love to have you join us.

We are right here!  


"I feel fierce! Marianne looked me in the eye and told me I’m fierce. She could see something in me that I have not recognized. It activated something that I have not allowed myself to be. I have focused on feeling peaceful and feeling fierce gives me a deep sense of freedom. It is my first time working with Marianne and I was worried I would be behind the others at the Retreat. Marianne teaches really challenging concepts in such an easy way. As soon as I met her, I felt like I already knew her and know that she will continue to be a part of my life - that makes me happy. "

Stephanie K.
RēL WOMAN Retreat

We are going to live our purpose, honor our dreams and make a contribution!

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"This is my 3rd event that I have attended of Marianne’s. I have totally experienced quantum leaps every time I have done work with Marianne. What brought me to the retreat is that I feel like Mario where the foundation is falling out from under me. [The RēL WOMAN Retreat] is allowing me to get back to what I feel my mission is - to write. Coming to the retreat is my opportunity to get back in touch with that and to become Radically Engaged with myself. "

Tammy J.
RēL WOMAN Retreat

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