It is time to make your own Well-Being a priority

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When you are ready to pursue your dreams, you must strengthen and grow your foundation big enough to support your big dreams.  You do this through Radical SELF-CARE.  
You may be working and living your purpose or understanding just what that means for you.  Now is your time to #doyourwork.  We can't wait for you to join us. 



Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to honoring the fact that YOU are important too!  Welcome to the next courageous phase in being you.  

As amazing as being alive usually feels, the truth is that life isn't easy.  I know that you have so many demands on your time and energy that you may often feel overwhelmed and left feeling that you just can't win.  I've been here too.  

Now you are facing the Holiday Season (which I adore!) and yet it is just one more thing to put in front of being your own priority.  Not anymore!

Somewhere in this world we have created a belief that living at this exhausted and overspent level just comes with the Holidays.  

Well, I’m not spewing rainbows and unicorns when I say there actually is another level of living that is calling to you. 

There is a higher quality of life that is available to you.  

You want it? 

There is always another level of life experience available when you are a learning growing Being.   

​Explore how to create the life you TRULY deserve and start living with intention. 

You can feel reinvigorated as you go through this holiday and enter the new year!

For $35.00 you will be guided through a simple and powerful program over 6 weeks.  Each week you will receive notification that your new week is available.  We will also be bringing this to live conversation through our Facebook community.  So you can join as much or as little as you like.  

Topics we will explore in Radical Self-Care for the Holidays™:

1: Give yourself permission to care for YOU!

2: Let’s talk about the “Have to do’s"

3: Creating space & setting your intentions

4: Energy up . . . Energy down

5: Engage your senses

6: *Bonus* Going beyond the season

So, unwrap the gift of self-care this season.   Join Radical Self-Care for the Holidays by leaving your contact information above.  We will notify you when doors open.  

Join hundreds of radically engaged people who desire more this holiday season. 

Life is meant to be a learning and growing experience -- for you!

Give yourself permission to care for YOU! 







Marianne MacKenzie is a Master Business, Leadership & Lifestyle Coach. Over the last three decades Marianne has devoted her focus and energy to personal development and teaching others to learn to work with their unique personal power to create the life they desire.  Her lifelong pursuit at becoming the best version of herself required years of education, good old life experiences, devouring books, retreats, workshops, podcasts and working with some of the greatest teachers and coaches of our day -- all with the goal of personal awareness, to find real truths that get real results.  It is in teaching others the best of what she has learned that brings the most meaning to her life. 


She is on a mission to guide people to empower themselves.  She finds great joy in guiding others as they wake-up to their purpose, show-up to honor their dreams and make a greater contribution with their life. 


The twists and turns of life events brought her to the realization that life is difficult and knowing this helps us become skilled at navigating the obstacles that are out of our control.  We all think we want happiness, yet deep joy and meaning isn't a destination  - rather it shows up within the journey itself . . . if we know how to manage our own reactions and choices.  She is passionate about guiding the courageous to live their own version of a Radically Engaged Lifestyle™ trading in the have-to-do’s for meaningful choices, becoming masters at navigating obstacles and enjoying the imperfection of our beautiful, and often messy lives.  Marianne has condensed her years of hard-won knowledge to help those she coaches make meaningful and lasting change to get to the life they desire. 


Marianne’s straight forward yet loving approach has earned her raving fans.  She is highly sought after because of her proven coaching tools and practical directions for catalyzing radical self-awareness on the emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual levels. Marianne understands that successful businesses and the creative minds that run them require more than just knowledge, they require an understanding of self-awareness, as well as the development of a success mindset.


Today, Marianne coaches with heart-centered leaders, influencers and high achievers to expand their ability to utilize their greatest assets, their brain, time and energy.  Mastering their thoughts, feelings and actions which directly create the life they desire.


Marianne shares her work through her contributions to International Best-selling Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul™: Choosing Happiness, National Best-Seller Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul™:Cultivating Joy and International Best-selling Courageous Hearts: Soul Inspiring Stories to Inspire You to Embrace Your Fears and Follow Your Dreams. Her contribution as Expert Columnist to ASPIRE Magazine and teaching blogs through her YouTube Channel.


Marianne leads retreats and workshops to audiences around the country. As a speaker, she inspires to action using life’s humor and practical solutions that bring lasting change.  After growing up in small town in Utah and raising her own family (two amazing sons) in Austin, Texas - she now is working to officially become a Georgia Peach by residing as a city girl in vibrant Atlanta.   You may find her exploring the south east and is often found at the end of a leash with her little-big-boys Dash and Finn (the Yorkie brothers).  


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